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APEI - Association des Parents et Amis de Personnes Handicapées Mentale Dunkerque

24 avril, 03:34, par Candace

After my articles about the Guggenheim Museum's
blog post that was filled with lies and half-truths about Israel, and its hypocrisy at claiming Israel is engaging in censorship of art while it
is building a museum in Abu Dhabi which explicitly does censor
art, the Algemeiner asked the museum for a statement.
Just as the President throws Israel under the bus but proves his love for
the Jews by giving a speech at a place associated with the Jewish State, so too, the UN created
a day to prove its empathy for Jewish victims, while
thumbing its nose at Israel, by way of ignoring Israel’s chosen date for
this celebration, Yom HaShoah. This library is simple and easy way of accessing the OpenAL functionality and was made since there is a strange lack of free sound libraries.

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